New Muscle Souls T-shirt design 

We'd like to let you know about some new Muscle Souls merchandise we're offering to celebrate our upcoming record.  As you know, we've been hard at work recording our first full length album!  Although there's still a lot of work to be done, we're very excited about this record and can't wait to share the music with all of you!

In the meantime, we're offering a brand new T-shirt design (see below) to jump start our campaign to promote the album.  Inspired by a track on the new record, "Love is Best", we had a talented young designer Francesca Morreale design a beautiful summer of love inspired logo to capture the beauty and optimism of this song.  The tricolour design will be printed on the front of high quality cotton t-shirts, (with our name on the back) and will be available at our online store for $30. 

We've chose three background colours and would like to know which colour you like best!  Click here to take the survey on our store page!

We need to get 50 reserve orders before our store goes live.  Please contact us at or on our Facebook page so we can reserve one for you!  And, don't forget to let us know if you have a special size preference so we can make sure to have those ones in stock! 

(Please note the type over the logo is strictly to prevent it being copied and won't appear on the printed product.)

Happy New Year from Muscle Souls! 

We hope all of you are getting 2017 off to a great start! 

Muscle Souls is planning on making 2017 a very productive year as we finish our first full length record and begin sharing the new music with you.   

In case this is your first visit to our site, I’ll bring you up to speed… 

It was nearly impossible to schedule Muscle Souls gigs this past year as I was constantly on tour with The Beatlemanics (where I play the role of John Lennon).  But all was not lost as Nicole and I found time to write new songs and review existing material in order to plan the next recording.  The new record will have 11 original songs and is a tribute to the “wall of sound” pop of the 60s and Philly Soul sound of the early 70s…you get where we’re coming from?  That music was lush, soulful and infectiously sweet!   

You may know that Nicole loves singing close harmonies but at our live shows people are always delighted when we feature Nicole on lead vocals.  I’m excited to tell you that Nicole will be moving into the spotlight on this album not only contributing as a songwriter, but also singing lead on two of what are sure to be standout tracks!  

This is an ambitious project and we’re still planning how to get the music to the stage for the most impact.  Future shows will include intimate acoustic shows as we’ve always done, but we will be bringing the band back to the stage as well as we grow. 

Stay tuned to the latest Muscle Souls by filling out the contact form on this site and we’ll send you a free music download!   

We can’t wait to share the new music with you but meanwhile, you can check out our gallery or follow us on Instagram where we've already posted photos and video clips to whet your appetite.   

Best wishes for a happy and soulful new year! 


Fighting for the Good - Songs in the "first person" 

Our song “For the Good”
Muscle Souls songs are always written in "first person" because in order to move forward you need to reflect on yourself.  Try not to preach and blame or tell others how to be.  Decide how you want to be and be that.  As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” 
If that makes sense to you, please share the link.  Every positive change starts within you.  And keep fighting for the good.

Muscle Souls T's on Sale! 

Happy Friday everyone! 

As you may know, we've been busy working on our next Muscle Souls record. We're very excited about the progress and can't wait to share the new music with you!

With the new record, will come new promo merchandise! So, we're clearing out the remaining Muscle Souls black tees for only $15! 

Visit our store link below where you can check size availability of these 100% preshrunk cotton tees. We won't be reprinting these, so this is your last chance to own one!


Hello Everyone! 
We hope you're all having a great summer! 
Muscle Souls is excited to go into the studio to record our first full length record!  The Mini is packed with guitars as we start in Studio A at Union Sound Company in Toronto.  If you'd like to check in on our progress, please follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for updates! 
Bye for now! 

MUSCLE SOULS 日本で使用できるようになりました! 

Why is the headline in Japanese?  We're happy to announce that Muscle Souls music is now available in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea through Taiwan based digital music service, KKBox.  Muscle Souls already has a few fans in Japan since we were featured in the documentary film For the Love of Mod - Tokyo but it will be interesting to see if we can gain some traction in this huge music market now that downloads are available from a Japanese language site!  Hopefully Muscle Souls can even do a tour of Japan!  Wish us luck! Click on this KKBox to see our page!

Muscle Souls in Studio to Record Next Album! 

Muscle Souls is excited to announce that we have started recording a new full length album!

Over the past year, we've been busy writing songs and refining some of our live-show favourites for this new project.  This will be our biggest and best production to date and we're happy to welcome Ryan Granville-Martin to the producers chair.  With Ryan's experience in producing and arranging, we're sure to deliver great new music from Muscle Souls.

Yesterday and today are full days of pre-production as we map out song structures, melody, chords and tempos for our cast of musicians who will bring the songs to life.

Watch this space for the latest Muscle Souls pictures and updates on the recording process!


Greetings Friends!

Muscle Souls is in good company with The Wooden Sky, Hey Rosetta! and more in this article from Spain about Canadian music.
We all love Google Translate!...Translated from Spanish, Muscle Souls music is described, "...Songs with momentum, delicious melodies, optimism and vitality. So is the music of Muscle Souls, an urgent need to feel good."  ...and that's exactly how we like it!

If your Spanish is good, you can read it here:

Muscle Souls Welcomes 2016 

Happy New Year! 
Greetings friends!  Muscle Souls wishes you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016!  Thanks to you all for your continued support throughout 2015.  Muscle Souls had a relatively quiet year, as John was on the road playing in a Beatles show.  We did however release our video for “Mark On the World”, sign a music licensing deal with Jingle Punks, get a song featured in the documentary “For the Love of Mod – Tokyo”, as well as having our music added to more indie music shows around the world. 
Muscle Souls are going to ramp things up in 2016! 
In addition to the behind the scenes work, John and Nicole have been busy writing and arranging songs for a new Muscle Souls record for 2016.  The concept is to do a big “Pet Sounds” or “Wall of Sound” type production featuring some of Canada’s top go-to musicians.  This is an ambitious project for sure and we’ve been interviewing prospective producers for the project.  We’ll give you more details as we go along but we will most likely run another Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds for the album.  We’ve been devising some fun and unique perks this time around and hope we can count on you to get involved and be part of making a fantastic record! 
Best to you in 2016! 
John and Nicole 

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