Muscle Souls supports the @BlueJays 

Hello Friends! We're a Toronto based band and we support the Toronto Blue Jays! As they make their Mark On the World we'd like to celebrate their success by offering a free music download! Just go to the "free download" link on our site and enter the password "gojaysgo"


Here's a teaser still from our upcoming video for "Mark On the World"! We've had a lot of fun shooting this one. We still have one more scene to shoot but editing has already begun! We are anxious to share it with you!

Spain discovers Muscle Souls! 

There's an old Three Dog Night song that goes, "Well, I've never been to Spain but I kinda like the music". Well, we've never been to Spain but we'd sure love to go! It seems that someone in Spain "kinda" likes Muscle Souls. Yesterday, Spanish lifestyle magazine Loff It published this lovely article about Muscle Souls and all we can say to that is...."Gracias!"

To read the article, follow this link.

For the Love of MOD - Tokyo 

Muscle Souls are excited to announce that our song, "Mark On the World" has been featured in the 3rd part of a documentary series, "For the Love of Mod". Examining the "Mod" British subculture, filmmaker Emma-Rosa Dias travels to Japan to see how the Mods in Tokyo adopted this "lifestyle" and make it distinctly their own. We love the Japanese take on Mod which of course is a huge influence on Muscle Souls. There's lots of great, new original music included in the FTLOM-Tokyo which will be coming out in a downloadable soundtrack!  We'll let you know more about that but in the meantime, check out the trailer for the film below or purchase the film for your collection!

You can watch the trailer here:

To order the "For the Love of Mod" DVD, just follow this link:

Looking back at January 2015 

Hello Friends 

Here's a Muscle Souls, update for January.
As we mentioned our “Mark On the World” release got picked up by a great San Francisco based radio program “Pop that Goes Crunch”. With our November entry onto their play list, the title track managed to make it into their top 30 singles for 2014 (#27) and into their top 10 EP’s for 2014 (#3)
From there, Muscle Souls has been included on several other shows as well. All are broadcast live and are archived for pod-cast listening at your convenience. They all feature music old and new from genres including power pop, Mod, Northern Soul, Beat, R ‘n B, Jazz and Blues with each DJ bringing their particular flair to their choices and commentary. We recommend listening to all of them or at least sample a few and see which ones you might include in your regular music listening.
Here’s the list of shows that have or will be featuring Muscle Souls tracks. The # sign indicates which of their shows include one of our tracks.
Ice Cream Man – Power Pop and More (Gothenburg, Sweden) Show #70
Pop that Goes Crunch (San Francisco, USA)
Punks in Parkas (Winnipeg, Canada)
Radio Free Americana (FLA, USA)
The Music Authority (FLA, USA)
Radio New York International (NYC, USA)
The Glory Boy Mod Radio Show (Stoke-On-Trent, UK)
Friends in the US take note since New Jersey based online store Kool Kat Musik has added our “Mark On the World” CD to their catalogue! Kool Kat has lots of great music available in all genres but with a special section devoted to Power Pop, Melodic Rock, Alt Country etc and they are the first and at this time exclusive US based source to stock our CD’s! You can visit them here:
We had a scare when friend and supporter David Bash, the main man behind the International Pop Overthrow festival had a recent health set back but the good news is we just learned he is back home and back to work on the upcoming IPO! We wish David a speedy recovery!
We did lose a dear friend Anne Wallace who quietly passed after full life of 97 years. Anne was a supporter of Muscle Souls. A lovely soul herself, she will be missed by family and friends.
In other news, Muscle Souls wrapped up a day of shooting our video for “Mark On the World” over the weekend. We have one more scene to shoot but editing has already started! When it’s done we will be sharing with people on our mailing list first! Go to our contact page and get in touch with us to have an exclusive preview of the video before anyone else!
In live music news our next show is at Junction City Music Hall in Toronto on Thursday, February 19!
Hope to see you there!

WELCOME 2015! 

Greetings friends!

2015 is promising to be a busy year for Muscle Souls. We are planning to play a lot more shows, release a video and take our music to a wider audience. We're happy to say we've been included on two of the Pop That Goes Crunch best of 2014 lists. We hope you can tune in to their show and hear a lot of great melodic rock and power pop - old and new!

Thanks to all our supporters for listening in and coming to shows this past year. We hope to see you again soon!

Greetings from Toronto! 

Greetings friends and welcome to our new site. Muscle Souls has been busy over the summer with our little tour de France and have been recently regrouping to bring you even better shows! Now that our second EP "Mark On the World" is ready, we'll be touring to support it and bring the live show to you wherever possible! Our next festival date is the Toronto leg of the IPO (International Pop Overthrow) in November. We hope to land in France again next summer and want to add Germany to our itinerary! Check back for details or sign our mailing list to get the latest news!

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