Happy 2020 from Muscle Souls!

Happy New Year Friends!

Can you believe we're now well into the "new" millennium?  We're not really new years resolution types but the start of a year is certainly a good time for to think about things we want to achieve in the coming year.  For 2020 Muscle Souls want to provide our friends more content!  Some of you know that we halted our regular live shows so we could focus on recording our first full-length album.  Not at all satisfied with the recording results and having lost momentum during that lengthy process, we had to re-think our strategy.  We decided instead to release a series of singles to try and gradually rebuild interest in Muscle Souls.  The first four singles have been released and are even emblazoned on a coffee mug available in our shop! We have assembled some great people to work with like the legendary Tim Bovaconti (recording/musician), talented mixer Josh Bowman, Grammy nominated mastering engineer João Carvalho and fabulous drummer Marito Marques (see below) and hope to continue working with them in 2020.  We even set up our own small studio so we could have greater creative control of our music!

Please join us on our musical journey this coming year by following us on your favourite social media platform or on Youtube!  Thanks to all our supporters this past year and we hope to share more music with you and new friends in 2020!





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