I'm saddened to hear about artist, producer, songwriter Allen Toussaint's passing.  Many years ago I went to see him perform at the now long gone Larry's Hideaway on Carlton St.  It was so weird to see a grand piano at dingy old Larry's. Allen came out in a show bizzy sparkly white bell bottom suit and lovingly performed his beautiful, gentle songs covered by so many great artists from Lee Dorsey, Patti LaBelle and Glen Campbell.  We chatted after the show and about the state of music, Marshall Sehorn and Dr. John.  I then thanked him for the music and he graciously accepted a record I had put out at the time with my group The Sharp Set. 
I remember that night well.

This video, although much more recent is pretty much the way I saw Mr. Toussaint perform.

John Palubski
November 10,2015


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